The best stories from my site and beyond in 2017.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy 2018!

In 2017, I wrote 32 stories, some of which were more popular than others. Here are the 5 that got the most clicks:

5. “What the elders see while seeing, the young ones standing on their toes can’t see”

Proverbs about grandparents from around the world.

August 8

4. How many years can you expect to spend as a healthy grandparent?

Americans and Canadians are spending more years as grandparents than they did a generation ago, and they’re spending them in better health—even though they’re older when their grandkids are born.

October 16

3. How to raise your voice against Trump

A network of savvy and tenacious grandmas is fighting for justice.

January 18

2. Does how often you see your grandkids affect how long you live?

In the first study of its kind, a team of scientists has found that grandparents who provide regular care for their grandchildren have an edge on survival over those who don’t.

January 5

1. Do grandparents wake up early to keep their families safe?

New research suggests that our ancestors stayed safe at night thanks to the divergent sleep habits of the young and the old.

September 8

I also enjoyed many stories that other journalists reported about grandparents this year. Here are my 5 favorites:

5. Final Cut

For decades, Calvin Trillin has been making funny home movies with his children and grandchildren at the family’s summer home in Nova Scotia.

Last summer, he set out to write the final script.

The New Yorker • September 11

4. Celebrating life at 117

The hopes of a great-great-great grandmother in Kenya.

BBC • April 12

3. “Meet the grannies going to school”

At a special school in rural Maharashtra, India, grandmothers are learning to read.

BBC • March 8

2. Harare’s park bench grandmas: “I speak to them and feel a load is lifted off my heart”

In Zimbabwe, millions of people suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, but there are only 13 psychiatrists.

So grandmas are being trained to step in.

The Guardian • April 14

1. This grandma mistakenly texted a stranger inviting him for thanksgiving. now the teen is a regular at her table.

A friendship born of a blunder blossoms in Arizona.

The Washington Post • November 29