A poem by David McCord (1897-1997).

This poem, “Grandmothers,” was published by David McCord in 1990 in the anthology Poems for Grandmothers.

A prolific writer best known for his children’s poetry, McCord died in 1997 at age 99.

Grandmothers are kind—
Kind of useful as well.
They help you with words;
They teach you to spell.

They search when things hide,
Like a sweater or shoe;
And if baby just cries,
They will know what to do.

They always like reading
Aloud and, what’s more,
They’ll read twenty times
What they’ve read before.

They don’t say “Not that!”
“No! Now listen to me!”
They’ll go for a walk
Or sit under a tree.

They’ll stop at the store for
Some fudge or a Coke;
Or laugh when you start
And can’t finish a joke.

They don’t like to skate
And they can’t climb a tree.
What are grandmothers good for?
Well, mine’s good for me.