Three generations, one road trip.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in family pictures recently!

Joan Scurran of Tucson, Arizona shared this shot from the road trip she took to Colorado this summer with her husband, Jeff; their daughter, Shelley; Shelley’s fiancé, Jim; and Shelley’s kids, Finn, 8, and Julian, 14.

In the picture, Joan and Finn are on an alpine slide at a ski resort in Durango, Colorado.

“We are all pretty adventurous,” says Joan, a retired teacher.

The family also soaked in some hot springs, fished in a lake, and visited the only spot in the country where four states meet. The boys loved standing in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah all at once, Joan says.

The group was going to go river-rafting, too, but couldn’t because of a thunderstorm.

Shelley and the boys live about a quarter-mile from Joan and Jeff in Tucson; Jim lives in North Phoenix. Last year, the whole crew vacationed in Los Angeles together.