The veteran crossing guard of Harlem.

Every day, I read what journalists around the world are reporting about grandparents and their families. Here are some stories that gripped me recently.

Forty years, same corner

For 40 years, Estelle Davis, 84, has been shepherding kids to safety as a crossing guard at the corner of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 145th Street in Harlem.

“I got nothing but energy,” she says. “I’m still out here because I love it. Why else are you going to work the same corner for 40 years?”

“She’s a neighborhood institution,” says Kevin Dukes, 61, who lives nearby. “To a lot of us, she’s like a second mother. Everyone knows Ms. Davis.”

The New York Times • November 16, 2017

In “Coco,” Pixar finds joyous life—in death

Grandparents, great-grandparents, and even great-great-grandparents all play central roles in the new Pixar release—whether they’re alive or dead.

NPR • November 28, 2017

Grandmother, grandchildren put scarves and hats on trees for Edmonton’s less fortunate

Last winter, Donna Delorme, a grandmother in Edmonton, Canada, launched a new holiday tradition with her grandkids.

CBC • November 26, 2017

Postpartum doulas are in high demand with millennial moms

Some new mothers are lucky enough to have their own mothers around. A rising number of the rest are hiring postpartum doulas.

Star Tribune • November 5, 2017

Learning to advance the positives of aging

A growing body of research suggests that people with a positive attitude about aging are healthier and longer-lived than people who view aging negatively.

The question is, how can individuals improve their attitudes when society remains unrepentantly ageist?

Kaiser Health News • November 2, 2017