In 2015, I wrote 75 stories, some of which were more popular than others. Here are the 10 that got the most clicks.

Happy reading and happy New Year!

10. Welcome to the Grandparent Effect

Why I started this project and what it’s all about.

January 27 

9. Long ago, two music-loving hippies fell in love

Now, they’re teaching their grandkids to sing.

March 26

8. Is grandmotherhood intensifying?

Instead of just spoiling their grandchildren, many grandmothers now make significant contributions to their daily care, says a prominent sociologist.

January 29

7. In elephant families, grandma is boss

A family of elephants is led by its eldest female, who’s often a grandma many times over. And the older she is, the better, scientists have learned.

October 28

6. Calvin Trillin, grandfather: He babysits. He spoils. He turns the kids into movie stars.

When he’s not writing some of the best humor and journalism of our time, Trillin spends a lot of time grandparenting.

January 29

5. Five myths about grandparents that it’s time to trash

Let’s ditch the stereotypes and start embracing the new reality.

February 16

4. The best picture books about kids and their grandparents

These books aren’t just stunningly written and illustrated. They also get the new American family.

March 3

3. Could grandmas make the difference between life and death?

Maybe women outlive their fertility to ensure that their grandchildren thrive.

February 17

2. Obama’s birth meant a new life for his grandparents

Stanley and Madelyn Dunham didn’t know many black people until their daughter fell in love with a college classmate from Africa.

October 17

1. “Over the river, and through the wood”

The story behind the famous poem about a boy who’s bursting with excitement to see his grandparents on Thanksgiving.

November 23