The best stories from my site and beyond in 2019.

In 2019, I wrote about Italian grandmas who make pasta from scratch, a 97-year-old blogger in Seattle, the grandparents who nurtured Kacey Musgraves, and many other topics.

Here are five of my most popular stories since the beginning of the year. Beneath them, I’ve listed my five favorite stories about grandparents from other news sites.

Happy holidays to you and your families, and best wishes for a joyful 2020!

6 new novels about kids and their grandparents  October 10

In these recent novels for preteens—by some of the best children’s authors of our time—grandparents give kids the inspiration, strength, and love they need to navigate a perplexing world.

My grandmother, the Francophile  November 2

For the whole time I knew her, my mom’s mom read everything in French. Even though she wasn’t French, didn’t live in France, and didn’t learn the language until well into middle age. Best of all, she never bragged about it.

6 ways to stamp out age segregation  February 8

We live in an age-segregated society, but these six pioneering programs are working to unite the young and the old.

The grandmas who snorkel with snakes • November 1

Some days, they take care of their grandchildren. Other days, they prowl the bottom of the sea in search of venomous snakes. “Les Fantastiques Grands-mères,” as they call themselves (“The Fantastic Grandmothers”), are a group of seven friends in Nouméa, New Caledonia who snorkel for fun and for science.

“Anne-Christine can rest easy now” • November 26

A murder admits to his crime, but his victim’s mother—who is seeking custody of her grandson—fights on.

I also enjoyed many stories that other journalists wrote about grandparents this year. Here are my five favorites:

Grandparents in the home: Good for everyone • The Washington Post, February 23

Marjorie Brimley, a teacher in Washington, D.C., lost her husband in 2018, when he was 40 and she was 38. Her new partner in childrearing is her dad.

Running out of children, a South Korea school enrolls illiterate grandmothers • The New York Times, April 27

Faced with declining enrollment, an elementary school in rural South Korea is welcoming grandmothers, many of whom were not permitted to attend school as youngsters.

Traveling with Grandma Joy has shown grandson the beauty in ordinary moments • The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 1

Over the past four years, Brad Ryan, 38, and his grandma, 89, have visited all 49 national parks in the continental United States.

Local grandparents, grandchildren ship 10,000 meals to Dorian victims in the Bahamas • Fox 31 Denver, September 8

As residents of the Bahamas reckoned with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, a team of elders and their grandchildren in Colorado packed them nutritious, nonperishable meals.

Granny killer whales pass along wisdom—and extra fish—to their grandchildren • Science, December 9

For young orcas, grandmas can make the difference between life and death.