A New Jersey family marks the holiday each year with lights, cookies, and a party in honor of a long-lost matriarch.

Thanks to Arleen Mavorah of Long Branch, New Jersey for sharing this shot of her husband, Elliot, and their grandson, Ethan, on the seventh night of Chanukah in 2011.

Ethan, who was five at the time, was visiting from Miami, where he lives with his parents and younger brother.

The Mavorahs also have three grandkids in New York City and two in New Jersey. Every December, each child receives a shipment of Arleen’s “famous” homemade Chanukah cookies, which are shaped like dreidels, menorahs, and hearts and dusted with blue and red sprinkles.

Arleen and Elliot also mark Chanukah every year by teaming up with Elliot’s five siblings to throw a huge party in honor of his late mother. She died on the third night of Chanukah 20 years ago.

“We chip in, rent a hall, cook and bake dinner and desserts, hire entertainment, and have a ball,” says Arleen.