"I don't think it was anything special, to be honest," said Faye Morgan, 81, after wresting two pythons from a backyard grill.

Faye Morgan, 81, of Brisbane, Australia, is well known in her community as a snake wrangler, so when Jackson Wright saw a python slither into his backyard grill last August, he asked her to come over right away.

This video, shot by Wright, shows Morgan wresting not one but two snakes from Wright’s grill, with Wright’s father crouching nearby. “I don’t think it was anything special, to be honest,” Morgan told a local paper, The Courier Mail. “This was the first time I’ve seen two at the same time though, which made it tricky to get both of them; we were only expecting one and found the other underneath.” Her technique, she said, is to put one hand just behind the snake’s head—so it can’t whip around and bite her—and the other hand near the tail, where the reptile is strongest.