Politicians in Britain have realized that grandparents are struggling to balance work and childcare just as parents are.

Every day, I read what other journalists are writing about grandparents and their families. Here are some pieces that gripped me over the past few weeks:

We lumber grandparents with the care of our children—but it has a price

Politicians in Britain have realized that grandparents are struggling to balance work and childcare just as parents are. So under a new law they’re proposing, grandparents could take family leave, too.

The initiative is “long overdue,” asserts British journalist Gaby Hinsliff, who covers politics for The Guardian and whose own kids are watched by their grandparents.

The Guardian • April 16, 2015

“Grandparenting” In Moderation Might Keep the Mind Sharp

An Australian study has found that women ages 65 to 75 who care for grandkids one day per week—no more, no less—perform better on cognitive tests than their peers.

Reuters Health • April 3, 2015

Abuelita’s Restaurant Invites Patrons To Honor New Mexico Grandmothers

“We wanted to add charm,” says Abuelita's owner Rubi Lozoya. Picture from the restaurant's Facebook page.
“We wanted to add charm,” says Abuelita’s owner Rubi Lozoya. Photo from the restaurant’s Facebook page.

The owner of a restaurant in Bernalillo, New Mexico, wants her customers to feel right at home, so she’s rounded up portraits of their grandmothers and hung them on a wall.

KRQE.COM • April 8, 2015

Man Honored For Role In Grandson’s Education After Injury

When he was a junior at Indiana University, Matthew Sullivan was paralyzed in a diving accident.

He withdrew from school and moved back home. But a year later, he returned as a commuter—thanks to his grandpa, who drove him every day.

The Daily Herald • April 13, 2015

Joy Webb Takes Her 80-year-old Grandfather To His First Prom

A high school junior in Albertville, Alabama, thought her grandpa would make a cool prom date, so she asked him to go with her and he said yes.

“My family is everything to me,” the girl told a local reporter on the night of the dance. “I know he loves me and I love him, so it’s just really neat and special.”

It was the first prom her grandfather had ever attended, since he’d left school early to serve in the Korean War.

People.com • April 14, 2015