"Hang back," Quindlen, who has two grandkids, advises grandparents in her latest book.

Did you know that Anna Quindlen is a grandma? Her first grandchild, Arthur, was born nearly three years ago, and he was recently joined by a baby sister, Ivy.

Quindlen, who has written many bestselling novels and memoirs, recently published a collection of essays on grandmotherhood that I reviewed in The New York Times. 

Her main advice for newbies?

“Hang back. I cannot repeat this one often enough. Hang bank.”

Don’t dispense to your children what you think is wisdom or correct what you think are their mistakes, she cautions. “Be warned: those who make their opinions sound like the Ten Commandments see their grandchildren only on major holidays and in photographs.”

Quindlen’s witty and thoughtful essays cover a variety of topics, including the pleasure of watching her son become a father, her evolving relationship with her daughter-in-law, and her failed attempt to learn Mandarin, her daughter-in-law’s native language.