Mary Walker and her 17-year-old grandson are taking swimming lessons together at a pool in Tulsa, Okla.

Every day, I read what journalists around the country are reporting about grandparents and their families. Here are some stories that gripped me recently.

Tulsa Grandmother and Teenage Grandson Team Up to Learn to Swim

Mary Walker has achieved most of her goals in life, but she still doesn’t know how to swim.

“I don’t like the idea that there is something I want to do that I can’t do,” says Mary, 67, a retired college professor who lives in Tulsa, Okla.

So this summer, she’s taking some lessons. And so is her 17-year-old grandson.

“I did it because she asked me to,” he says. “But then again, I was also like ‘OK, if she’s going to do it, I can do it.’”

Tulsa World • July 26, 2015

From Grandmother to Granddaughter, Passing Along Religious Traditions

When Bianca Reveille lost her father two years ago, she thought she might find solace in religion, but her parents had never taken her to church.

So she turned to her grandmother, who “stepped into the gap.”

The Wall Street Journal • July 28, 2015

Grandfather, Grandson Embrace Traditions and Changes To Keep Boulevard Drive-in Going

Wes Neal, 87, has owned and run the Boulevard Drive-in in Kansas City, Kan., for decades, but now he has a business partner: his 44-year-old grandson.

The Kansas City Star • July 17, 2015

Not Just For Kids: New Playgrounds Get Adults and Seniors Playing Too

“Play is a great connector for adults and seniors and the children in their lives,” says a spokeswoman for KaBoom!, which has designed more than 50 multigenerational playgrounds around the country.

“In addition to the cognitive and physical benefits of play, it can also reduce stress in adults and is proven to help combat toxic stress in kids.”

The Christian Science Monitor • July 15, 2015