Long live Gan-Gan!

Photographer Annie Leibovitz recently shot this portrait of Queen Elizabeth, who just turned 90, with her five great-grandchildren and two youngest grandchildren.

“Gan-Gan,” as some of the kids call her, is holding her 11-month-old great-granddaughter Charlotte, whose parents are William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The boy next to Charlotte, in maroon shorts, is her 2-year-old brother, George, who’s third in line for the throne (after his dad and his grandpa, Charles, Prince of Wales, who’s the eldest child of the Queen).

At the far left are the Queen’s youngest grandchild, 8-year-old James, and his 12-year-old sister, Louise; they’re the children of the Queen’s youngest child, Edward, Earl of Wessex, and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

In front of them, holding a purse, is Mia, 2, the daughter of the Queen’s granddaughter Zara and her husband, rugby player Mike Tindall. Zara’s mother is Anne, Princess Royal, the Queen’s only daughter.

The other two girls in the picture belong to Anne’s other child, Peter Phillips, and his wife, Autumn. The girls are Savannah, 5, who’s standing behind baby Charlotte, and Savannah’s sister, Isla, 3, who’s at the far right.