“I know that they need me, but I need them more”

Thanks to Francie Robertson of Cascade, Montana for submitting this poem, which she wrote when her grandson Titus was a baby, his brother Jude was 2, and she was their daytime caregiver.

Francie, 71, and her husband, Bud, a retired teacher, share a wild hay farm with two of their grown sons and their wives and kids, including Titus, now 7, and Jude, now 9.

When she’s not busy with her seven local and five long-distance grandkids, Francie enjoys baking, quilting, and reading.

I’m snug in my rocker, a shawl in my lap
Each day at this time I drift off for a nap
A soft dimpled baby snuggles with me
My love bug, my dumpling, my sweet Bumble Bee.
Some people say I tie myself down
I should meet friends for coffee, go out on the town
I’m not like the folks who spend time at the gym
I romp with my grandson and wrestle with him
The truth is, for me, the greatest of joys
Is to stay home and play with these dear little boys.
We read books and color, go out for long walks
We play in the sandbox and build things with blocks
When it’s time to go home, as the day turns to night
They wrap arms around me and hug me so tight
They whisper “I love you” and go out the door
I know that they need me, but I need them more.