Do maternal grandparents have it better?

Grandparents have been all over the news lately. Here are some highlights:

The maternal grandparent advantage

Kids are often closer to their maternal grandparents than to their paternal ones, research suggests, perhaps because mothers tend to maintain closer ties with their own parents than fathers do.

The New York Times • March 21, 2018

‘Grannies for gun control’: These grandmothers are taking to the streets for the March for Our Lives

Grandparents around the country are supporting the teenagers at the helm of the new gun control movement.

The Washington Post • March 22, 2018


LaShawnDa Pittman, an ethnic studies professor at the University of Washington, has created a website to celebrate black grandmothers nationwide.

“We shouldn’t be talking about the black experience without talking about black grandmothers,” she says. “We are relying on these women more and more, and their representation online is not representative of their role in the world.”

The Seattle Times • February 2, 2018

Readers Nominate Their Overlooked Grandmothers for a Times Obituary

Can you name some women who should have gotten an obituary in The New York Times, but didn’t? When the paper posed this question to its readers, many nominated their grandmas.

The New York Times • March 21, 2018

Rebranding the senior center: Cities and towns embrace boomers, multigenerational programs

Many of the 225 public senior centers in Massachusetts are reinventing themselves to welcome young and middle-aged people, too.

The Boston Globe • February 26, 2018