The grandmas Trump has banned

Every day, I read what journalists around the world are reporting about grandparents and their families. Here are some stories that gripped me recently.

“Banned Grandmas” shows some of the real victims of Trump’s Muslim ban

A new Instagram feed curated by a young Iranian-American woman celebrates the Muslim grandparents in the Middle East and Africa who are now barred from visiting their grandkids in the United States.

Vogue •  July 11, 2017

Sleeping less in old age might be an adaptation to surviving in the wild

Why do teenagers, parents, and grandparents keep such different hours?

Some scientists suspect we evolved variability in our sleep patterns as a means of keeping safe at night.

Our distant ancestors lived in extended family groups in the grasslands of Africa, where nocturnal predators were a constant threat.

But if someone was always awake keeping guard—for example, teenagers in the middle of the night and grandparents in the hours just before dawn—the whole family had a better shot at surviving.

New Scientist • July 12, 2017

Secrets of breastfeeding from global moms in the know

In the Namibian desert, new mothers have trouble learning to breastfeed just as they do in the United States.

The difference is that in Namibia, new moms temporarily move back in with their own mothers, who show them everything they need to know about nursing and support them when the going gets tough.

NPR • June 26, 2017

Grandpas are the new gender equity warriors

Many older men regret that when their children were little, they weren’t intensively involved in their care. But now, as grandpas, they’re getting a second chance.

Slate • May 31, 2017