How Baby Boomers and Millennials can help one another

Every day, I read what journalists around the world are reporting about grandparents and their families. Here are some stories that gripped me recently.

Millennials with ‘boom-mates’ could ease the housing crunch

A new app will connect young people who need housing with empty-nesters who need income.

In and around the biggest cities in the country, there are about 3.6 million extra bedrooms in homes occupied by older people, according to a recent study. Many of them are empty-nesters who want to remain in their houses but are struggling with the costs of maintaining them.

Meanwhile, there aren’t enough rental apartments on the market, so young people with limited budgets are getting boxed out.

Marketplace • August 8, 2017

Secrets of breastfeeding from global moms in the know

In the Namibian desert, new mothers have trouble learning to breastfeed just as they do in the industrialized world.

The difference is that in Namibia, these mothers temporarily move back in with their own moms, who show them everything they need to know and support them when the going gets tough.

NPR • June 26, 2017

New Hampshire becomes first state to give grandparents preference in guardianship cases

A new law makes it easier for grandparents in New Hampshire whose children are addicted to opioids to become the legal guardians of their grandchildren.

Concord Monitor • June 27, 2017

Millie Bright names her grandfather and John Terry as the biggest influences on her career

English soccer star Millie Bright, a midfielder for the Chelsea Ladies Football Club, says she looks to her grandpa, a retired coal miner, for both inspiration and advice.

The Telegraph • August 2, 2017