We have this woman to thank for Grandparents Day

As a kid, Marian McQuade liked hanging out with her grandma on her farm in West Virginia.

“I remember she worked all day doing the things all of them had to do—milk cows, feed the chickens, fix breakfast, do the washing.”

“Then she’d put on a clean apron, or turn her apron around, and we’d take a glass of jelly and see somebody a couple miles down the road that was sick.”

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“It’s been like dying and going to heaven”

Earlier this year, I published a long story about a grandmother in Houston, Stephanie Johnson, who had lost access to her grandson after her daughter was murdered and who was fighting in court to be reunited with him. Here’s an update on Stephanie’s plight.

“We are grannies on a mission”

Grandparents from all over the country are road-tripping to a Texas border city this weekend to protest the Trump administration’s treatment of migrant children and their families.